Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Sea To Sky Cam VERTICAL
This cable cam can run vertically up to 500 feet and carry 200 pound payload.
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The Sea To Sky Cam VERTICAL, can ascend up to 500 feet, and carry 200 pounds. It can be set up in different orientations to fit your needs. For outdoor windy locations a double support line system reduces sway and spinning. For locations such as studios where there is no room for ground anchors or ropes below the trolley may be in the shot a reel out system works great. A powered winch for high speed and predictability or gravity feed for backcountry access. Whatever the challenge our vertical Sea To Sky Cam is ready.


 The Sea to Sky Cam is unique in the world due to it’s operation via 100% battery power. 3 phase power is NOT required, enabling the system to be portable and affordable but still offer 20 HP of continuous pull power!

Get in touch to rent or purchase a Sea to Sky Cam.

Fast Setup and Teardown

Excellent Shot Repeatability