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We take pride in developing powerful and reliable technologies to service live broadcast and cinema. Exceeding client expectations when working in challenging environments is our mission
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Since it’s inception, Sea to Sky Cable Cam has been committed to excellence. We take pride in developing powerful and reliable technologies to service live broadcast and cinema. Exceeding client expectations when working in challenging environments is our mission; ready to overcome any challenge, whether in rigging, operating, or engineering. Our goal is to take your production to new heights and deliver a stunning perspective that will captivate your audience.

Our crew members are available worldwide to operate our cable cams and tracks at your production.


CEO / Founder



Matt is the founder and mechanical and electrical engineer behind Sea To Sky Cable Cam. His rigging and camera skills were developed from his time in Features and TV as a member of IATSE 669 where he is a cable cam and head operator and 891 where he worked as a rigging grip and SPFX technician. In his early career, Matt worked for Ziptrek Ecotours as their lead rigger and machine designer, establishing patents in high speed braking mechanisms. When most teenagers were out partying at 19 years old, Matt was climbing a first ascent in Baffin Island, 400 miles above the Arctic circle. His team of three friends spent 25 nights on a portaledge while climbing the 3,500 foot granite wall. Matt went on to be a professional climber for 15 years with major ascents in North America and the Himalayas. Many experiences like this have given him the ability to specialize in rigging and filming in extreme environments, a unique knowledge base that he now applies to his work at Sea to Sky Cable Cam.  Since founding Sea To Sky Cable Cam in 2009, Matt’s intense energy and optimism have led him to execute what others say is impossible, such as rigging and operating a 2,000 foot cable cam across the Grand Canyon or building a 2.5 foot wide platform that stuck straight out 40 feet from the sheer 6000 foot wall of Mt Bute for a BASE jump film.

Below are our top cable cam operators and riggers…

Fish Boulton

Cable Cam Op / Rigger



Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 12.14.38 PM

Fish is IRATA / SPRAT certified rigger, stunt performer, rigging grip and actor. He has good standing in IATSE 891, 118 and UBCP. Additionally Fish has years of experience on cell tower installation and was a paid on call firefighter for Whistler BC. If Fish is on your production you can be rest assured your cable cam shot will be safe, reliable and pushed to the extreme of it’s capabilities to maximize your shot. Check his LinkedIn and IMDb pages for more details.

Max Gregory

Cable Cam Op / Rigger

Max is a rigging grip in IATSE 891. Humble, quiet guy but will easily take the reigns on big projects and lead a team. Sharp as a knife, Max’s ability to rig and think outside the box is quite impressive, there is a reason we keep him around 😉 Years of experience on set and in the field we trust Max with our most complicated endeavors.

Craig Bullen

Cable Cam Op / Rigger


Craig is a key rigging grip in IATSE 891 and is a Stunt Rigger in UBCP. This year Craig finished the 1000 mile race portion of the Iditarod in Alaska, one of the hardest trials of determination and grit know to man. He is used to organizing giant projects and solving difficult problems. Check out his IMDb page for more details.