Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Cable cam for live events, television, feature films, documentaries and commercials.
We offer horizontal and vertical cable cam services to a wide range of markets including live television broadcast, sporting events, concerts, and cinema.
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The Sea To Sky Cam is a heavy load, single axis, point to point system.

  • Used for LIVE broadcast events and top tier Features and Episodic Television.
  • Winch motor is located at one end, along with the operators. Computer and Joystick control.
  • Can span up to 2000 feet.
  • 200 pound payloads.
  • 3 axis remote heads: Filmotechnic Flight Heads, Scorpio Head.
  • 6 axis remote heads: Shotover B1.
  • Battery powered, No 3 phase required.
  • 20HP – 400 amps of continuous pull power!

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