Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Season 2 – The Burn
Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
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Season 2 – The Burn

Season 2 of THE SEASON came together after another year of film making by Reel Water Productions. All new stories and all new athletes… here is a view of the Sea to Sky Cam in action at The Burn, a secret spot above the Britannia Beach community near Squamish, BC. A forest fire had taken out a patch only one year before and left black trees and shiny white boulders, the high contrast making for awesome imagery. Unfortunately there is always a price to pay for high production value and this time it meant getting completely covered in soot. Funded by Arc’teryx and New Belgium Brewing, the Season 2 offers another 22 episodes of emotional stories and adventurous sports. All photos by Garret Grove