Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Dactylcam Pro, Cadence
Fast and easy cable cam set up. Multiple locations in one day. Battery powered. One case transport that fits as excess baggage. 20 degree slope, 35km/hr.
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Dactylcam Pro for Cinema

We are currently offering custom versions of the Dactylcam Pro and Cadence models by Defy. They only require one support cable and carry the drive motor and batteries onboard (similar to a drone). We call these type of systems M.O.T. or Motor On Trolley and have quickly become THE standard in cinema due to their ease and speed of set up. Multiple locations in one day are typical. Several cables are hung in advance and the trolley can be quickly switched from line to line. As an example our riggers can set up a 500 foot cable cam in 30 minutes, connecting high in trees with camera ready to film. The system is mostly horizontal only but can climb an incline up to 20 degrees and travel up to 35 m/hr. The trolley platform can be fitted with gyro-stabilized heads such as the Flight Head Mini 3, Movi XL/Pro or DJI Ronin and carry camera weight matching each heads specifications. When paired with a stabilized head, the system consistently delivers smooth, stable shots.

Get in touch to rent a Dactylcam Pro or Cadence.