Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Alex Honnold – Oprah Winfrey Network
Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
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Alex Honnold – Oprah Winfrey Network

Part2 Pictures brought on STSC to film vertical cable cam of Alex Honnold free soloing on Castleton Tower in Moab Utah as part of a larger series for the Oprah Winfrey Network. The Sea to Sky Cam crew set up a 200 foot vertical cable cam  along side of a crack that Alex climbed without a rope. After the first three or four takes, the director Peter Richardson and co-founder of Part2 David Shadrack Smith both felt they had accomplished every angle they could come up with and could not believe we had nailed it in such a short time. After about 10 takes Alex had to call it quits otherwise we would of kept filming him climbing up and down since we were all having so much fun with the cable cam!