Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Sea to Sky Cam Mini
Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
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The Sea To Sky Cam Mini has been designed specifically for cinema where fast set up and ease of use is a necessity. It only requires one support cable and carries the drive motor and batteries onboard (similar to a drone). The system offers precise automation allowing for the operator to keep their face buried in the monitor without worry of driving into the anchor. The automation enables the trolley to ‘know’ where it is at anytime allowing the operator to repeatedly start and stop at any point and set end stops for safety. It’s unique design uses the principles of a steadicam providing one of the most stable platforms for flying a camera. The system is capable of climbing an incline up to 20 degrees and travel up to 35 m/hr. The trolley platform can be fitted with gyro-stabilized heads such as the Flight Head Mini 3, Movi M10, Movi M15 or DJI Ronin and carry camera weight matching each heads specifications. When paired with a stabilized head, the system consistently delivers smooth, stable shots.

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Type A grand canyon2
BBC1 copy
Up to 1,000 ft Span

Speeds up to 35 mph

Fast Setup and Teardown

Excellent Shot Repeatability