Sea to Sky Cable Cam | Sea To Sky Cable Cam HORIZONTAL
The Sea to Sky Cam is the exclusive operator of XD-Motion equipment including the X Fly 1D, 2D, 3D, Muto, X-Track, Arcam and terthered drones.
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XD-Motion Equipment

Sea To Sky Cable Cam Inc., is now the exclusive Canadian operator of XD-Motion equipment. The X Fly cable cam family are the most advanced multi axis cable cam systems in the World and carry the highest level of safety certification. Every piece of equipment by XD-Motion is Bureau Veritas certified. We feel a higher standard has arrived so we are bringing in XD-Motion equipment into North America for the first time. Currently we are searching for broadcasters and production companies in various markets to partner with. Give us a shout today.


Please visit XD-Motion website for all details on the equipment:


X Fly Vertical

X Fly 1D

X Fly 2D

X Fly 3D



Tethered Drone

X Track

Get in touch with us for XD-Motion equipment.