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Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
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Discovery’s tightrope-walking stunt not only made history, it also broke a few of the network’s ratings records. “Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda” reached 13 million viewers during the walk segment.

The Grand Canyon crossing marked Discovery’s highest-rated live event ever in all key demos, and was the network’s top-rated special in 13 years. NBC was hired to put together the live show for the Discovery Channel where they hired the Sea to Sky Cam to travel across the 1,500 foot void adjacent to Nik. With 30 mph winds and zoomed in over 100 feet to get Nik full frame we required the use of a Filmotechnic Flight Head stabilized gimbal to get a rock solid shot. We also had technology to transmit perfect video, focus, iris, and zoom control over 2,000 feet to our control station.