Sea to Sky Cable Cam | TED talks Cable cam
Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
TED talks, cable cam, rigging
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TED 2016: Dream, a week long conference about ideas, took place in Vancouver Canada at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 70 speakers presented in a beautiful wood theatre built specifically for the event. Sea To Sky Cable Cam was able to float above the viewers and offer a unique perspective. More seating space was gained in using a cable cam over floor tracks or cranes. As well special consideration was given to the cable cams design and location to allow the system to match the look of the incredible facility. Doors were built into the wood paneling to allow the camera trolley a place to slip out of view when not in use. Custom rigging was fabricated by Sea To Sky Cable Cam to enable the system to mount to the wood structure. The lighting team, show engineers and Sea To Sky Cable Cam team worked together to fit the system in between lightning effects and fields of view. Over all it was a delight to see the final product and an honour to help present TED to the world.