Sea to Sky Cable Cam | BBC Grand Canyon Expedition
Sea to Sky Cable Cam specializes in high end cable cam systems for live broadcast and cinema.
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BBC Grand Canyon Expedition

Type A grand canyon2
Type A grand canyon1
Matt running Crane
BBC1 copy-2
Crane in Grand Canyon
Solar power boat


The British Broadcasting Corporation put together an expedition to repeat Major John Wesley Powells famous 1869 first descent of the Grand Canyon, the last great unknown in America at that time. Matt Maddaloni was brought onboard to set up cable cam shots using his run and gun STS Mini cable cam along with operating the 20 foot crane, setting up 12 GoPros on the talent and slow mo shots using the FS700. The BBC commissioned three white wall wooden boats. These boats ran the Colorado River in the same style as Powells expedition along with the half American and British crew including soldiers, biologist, geologist and a navigator. Equipment was era specific including a sextant, 1800′s era 3D camera which Bryan operated and 4 barrels of whiskey. The modern crew slept in wool blankets as Powells crew did and brought along similar tools and food. The 18 day trip was eventful with the Powell boats and crew hurling themselves down the many rapids and in boats that submerged themselves at every possibility. These boats were definitely not designed for river running but the highly experienced river captains kept them afloat and upright most of the time.